Forest Studio Mustikkarinne is open for courses, concerts and other events. Hosted by singer, jazz musician Sanni Orasmaa, we welcome visitors all year round.

Merikotka, Suomusjärvi.

Forest Studio Mustikkarinne is located in the village of Taipale, in the area of ​​Suomusjärvi and Enäjärvi in ​​Karjalohja, about an hour away from Helsinki and Turku. Our region draws from ancient culture. The first inhabitants arrived here between 7000 and 5000 BC. Several cultural sites are within a stone's throw or canoe distance from our farm.Courses and concerts are held either outside or inside, depending on the weather and the occasion. We use the main building's atmospheric room and Humuhalli, which is a non-insulated warehouse space. During your visit, you can take a dip in our little pond, which is spring-based and refreshingly cool even in summer. 
Services for Mustikkarinne are produced by our own company SoundByNature®. 
Forest Studio Mustikkarinne has a small farm shop whose products you can also buy online.
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